On the Harvest Highway

AT Zuri, when considering the Best location to bring to the life its vision and orchestrate its future; The Annapolis Valley was at the top.

When considering its temperate climate and the potential “reduced” energy component by utilizing maximum energy available from Natural sources we saw a potential for a portion of Zuri’s desired goal, “to be the Best”.

Zuri believes that to be the Best we MUST start by operating with its entire focus on best practises, processes and materials, and at the heart of this is by ensuring we focus on resource sustainability and operational infringement mitigation, in short, we must ensure we create a wheel that works best for Zuri and the planet we are part of.

In 2019 The Annapolis Valley was awarded the Gold Certification as the World’s first “Smart and Sustainable Rural Region”, a distinction that not only puts a focus on what local governments have striven to see achieved in its goal to ensure our future is bright, but also, puts a challenge forward to companies operating in this region to carry out its responsibilities to further this designation and not become a burden to this significant achievement.

At Zuri, we are committed to our Vision 2021, a vision that will not only see our operation become Carbon Neutral by operating entirely on Renewable and sustainable energy sources, but also ensuring our processes are “Best in Class”, energy mitigating focused on best quality preservation; our materials are made from recycled materials and recyclable, our ingredients are from Organic sources.

We see this commitment as our obligation to operate in the Annapolis Valley. We are excited by the future of operating in the Annapolis Valley, a great place to work and live.

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